2 books worth dipping into

I’ve just been reading ‘The connected library’ by Suzette Boyd (Utopia Press 2006) which I would recommend highly to teacher librarians (TLs – or whatever your title is in your country). Ms Boyd’s humour is a feature of this book – it starts with a quote from Monty Python about libraries – but it is a thought-provoking and challenging text as it asks TLs to reconsider their role in the school and is especially good on aspects of marketing and promoting the library and the use of the school library website as a tool to engage students and staff.

The second book is by Joyce Valenza ‘Super searchers go to school’ (Information Today 2005) in which Joyce interviews an array of teacher librarianship experts such as Kathy Schrock, Pam Berger and Peter Milbury about how they view themselves as searchers but also what strategies they might employ to improve the searching (and overall information literacy) capabilities of today’s students. Not to be read in one sitting as it would appear repetitive but very worthwhile dipping into. Joyce’s blog is an excellent source for teacher librarianship students and practitioners.


5 Responses to “2 books worth dipping into”

  1. Judy O'Connell Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere James! I am looking forward to having Suzette come an talk to our Teacher Librarians in Term 4 and to promote her book. Joyce Valenza is a bit more difficult to organise 🙂 Loved the picture of your hometown too. Cheers, Judy

  2. Belinda Sefton Says:

    This looks great James. I am currently delving into the world of Blogs and Wikis for the first time and enjoying the challenge. I hope this space will be one that I will visit regularly and enjoy.
    Cheers, Belinda (one of your struggling students)

  3. Ailsa Moyses Says:

    I’m currently trying to read Suzette’s book in my ‘spare time’ but have been held up by the personal goal of implementing one idea per chapter. What a great book and VERY easy to read.
    I found the pathfinder on Joyce’s home page particularly useful. Thanks for incuding the link to her blog on your page James.
    Like Judy, I loved the picture of Dunbar Castle. What a wonderful contrast to the world of online communication, blogs, wikis and such. Ailsa.

  4. Teresa Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Suzette’s book James – will buy a copy – you should be taking a commission! I am doing my Masters in Learning Innovation majoring in TL through QUT (primary school teacher background) externally and this type of communication/collaboration is fantastic to feel connected to community of like minded people. Hope to share ideas and indeed ask for some over during the discourse. Cheers.

  5. Jill Duffield Says:

    Hi James
    Suzette Boyd’s book is excellent isn’t it. I love the way it is set out especially the Tips and Tactics section at the end of each chapter. I don’t think I have ever found such a useful book. I really admire Suzette’s ability to develop a “manual” into which we can dip. I am about to reread the section on Developing a School Library Home Page since we are redesigning ours.
    On a different note, thanks for your imput into OZTL_NET – always appreciate your thoughtful comments
    PS – love your photos!

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