Starting a blog


There are a vast array of opinions in the real and virtual worlds about the value of blogging. Is it egomania, a cry for attention or an attempt to share information with like minded others? This blog seeks to share some of my thoughts about the world of teacher librarianship – and other things that from time to time catch my attention or amuse me. So I hope it will be part education, part thought provoking, sometimes controversial but above all interesting. The themes I will be covering will be some of the things I’m discussing with my students but also issues/topics/innovations I’ve come across in my reading and viewing.

The picture included above is of the harbour in my home town, Dunbar (see lots more photos here) which is in East Lothian, Scotland and 45k south east of Edinburgh. At the top of the picture is the ruins of the once impregnable Dunbar Castle. The ruins are now an annual nesting site for kittiwakes who arrive each year in the Spring and leave at the end of the summer.

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5 Responses to “Starting a blog”

  1. penny rafferty Says:

    Hi James, I also viewed the eclipse …over the ocean at Manly. We also had an algal bloom on the water which createsd its’ own phosphorescence, so we watched a coppery coloured moon above Green flashes on the breaking waves!!!
    On another note, I am attending awedding in London in Oct and am spending the 2nd week of the trip in Scotland, landing in Edinburgh. From your photo I think we may try to take in Dunbar.
    cheers penny

  2. Gavin Holburn Says:

    The Hibee’s undefeated after 5 games this season!

    I am an avid lawn bowler and two of the world’s greatest have come from East Lothian – Alex Marshall and Willie Wood. Looks like a great place to visit.

    I have Scottish heritage but have to admit I have no idea where the Holburns came from.

  3. Amanda Green Says:

    Hi James,
    Have you heard of the wreck of the Dunbar? It smashed onto rocks at the entrance to Port Jackson on 20th August, 1857 and memorial plaques are displayed at Watsons Bay, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. There is a memorial at a most tranquil graveyard in Newtown. The ship was built in England but perhaps was named after your Scottish village?
    Cheers, Amanda

  4. Kay Latham Says:

    Hi James,
    Our family also viewed the eclipse in Newcastle while celebrating my dad’s 76th birthday.. a feat in itself.
    What a small world it really is. My daughter’s boyfriend has a sister that went travelling and met a scot, married him and is happily living in Edinburgh. We also plan to visit next year so will take in the beautiful sights of Dunbar.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Kind regards, Kay

  5. Carole Bird Says:

    Thanks for the posting on OZTL net James. You’ve made my day – a blog about TL world and Scotland from a fellow exile. Now to practice my new skill of adding a feed. I’ll be back!

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