Scan and a kookaburra

A new copy of the excellent journal Scan arrives in the post. For those outside NSW (and indeed outside Australia) this journal, produced by the new South Wales Curriculum K-12 Directorate “focuses on the interaction between information and learning” and features articles of interest to teacher librarians and teachers. In the current issue, interesting articles by Victor Davidson on Web 2.0 in the library, which includes his blog for students; an article on avoiding plagiarism by Anne Lockwood and June Wall which looks at the All my own work programme; and in the research column, my colleague here at CSU Lyn Hay and Colleen Folley from the NSW DET look at the future of teacher librarianship.

My favourite Australian bird is the kookaburra or Laughing Kookaburra and on a walk along the Murrumbidgee River recently, I met this young bird who graciously sat on the tree stump as I clicked away. The adult birds have this great laughing noise which you can hear from a fair distance.

Kookaburra by the Murrumbidgee


2 Responses to “Scan and a kookaburra”

  1. Cathy Atkinson Says:

    Hi James
    This is a great blog – I love the “word press snap shots”! I can see blogs as a useful tool for sharing learning at all levels. I am a primary TL and am doing a lot of rethinking about classroom practice…how the way we have always done things needs to change…”sage on the stage must become guide on the side”. The enormity of challenge can seem somewhat overpowering. We are struggling with the constraints of over-protective networks driven by the fear of litigation and administrations who really are out of touch with the students of today.
    I think this kind of blog serves a definite purpose – it supports people like me who are seeking ways to integrate ICTs in meaningful ways into our everyday practice. We need practical examples of real integration and not just using new tools to apply same old practice.
    Kookaburras are great Australians – except at 4.30 in the morning right outside your bedroom window!
    Cathy Atkinson

  2. Kerry Gestier Says:

    Hi James,
    I too am a fan of the kookaburra and have often wondered how the early white settlers in this great land felt when they first heard its amazing call???? Could have been quite scarey?????
    Kerry Gestier 🙂

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