The iGeneration and magpies

There’s to be a conference in Wolverhampton, UK in October on ‘Inspiring the iGeneration’ which is being organised by the energetic Sarah McNichol. Even if you can’t get to the conference, check out the wiki. There are lots of terms now for the present generation of post-teens, teenagers and sub-teens (new term?). ‘iGeneration’ apparently is based on those who use iPods although given the use of iPods by people of my baby boomer generation, this seems a bit out of date. It’s interesting that the ‘i’ in ‘iGeneration’ refers to ICT more than information. Every generation has been an iGeneration in information terms but I think that one of the challenges for teacher librarians/school librarians/SLMSs (pick a name) is that the present iGeneration are a lot better at handling the ICT aspect of the ‘i’ and less good at handling the information aspect.

In Australia, this is the magpie season and this means for cyclists like me (and some walkers and runners) that some of these normally placid creatures who normally gurgle away in the early morning, transform themselves into dive bombers. My cycling helmet has several dents caused by the beaks and feet of magpies. This only last for 6 weeks during the nesting season. It’s illegal to harm magpies, who are protecting their nests – so I just cycle faster!


2 Responses to “The iGeneration and magpies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have come to work this morning to find ourselves embroiled in this debate at a very practical level. On Friday evening wikipedia was blocked to users in our college because of its ability to be edited by anyone. Teachers who prepared lessons last week for this morning have found that aspects of their preparation is now defunct. Interestingly I had taught grade 5 & 6 about this aspect of wikipedia last week, warning them about digital footprints and appropriate use of the internet. Blocking sites for such reasons removes the educational opportunity for reinforcing current computer use policies and warning of the difficulties of web 2.0. Other blocked sites include social networking such as MySpace and Facebook and Google images. Some of these blocks are administered externally by the provider or school system. Others at school level (e.g. the wikipedia one). Schools and school administrations need to come to grips with the positives of web 2.0 authoring tools and make sure that policy addresses those who infringe. It is a classic case of the minority affecting the education of the majority.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi James,

    As a fellow cyclist, I fully appreciate your magpie comments. I too have a few magpie dents in my helmet.

    Apparently there is an evil Butcher Bird in our local Botanic Gardens that hates cyclists and doesn’t just swoop helmets, but goes for the temple or eye area and there’s been a few nasty scrapes had by unwary cyclists. Not a place to go without your wraparound lenses!

    I’m just back on the bike after an 8 week lay off (due to a non-bike related operation) and it’s so nice to be riding again that I figure I’ll just put up with the occasional nesting magpie swooping me. Oh the adrenalin rush!



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