Intranets in schools, sharing and the philosophy of bike riding

The previous post discussed some brief aspects of school library websites and one of the features of school library websites on the web is that teacher librarians/school librarians around the world can learn form each other and get ideas from each other’s websites. There is a trend in schools in recent years across the world for TLs to have their webpages only available on the school intranet. While this is useful for the school’s own students and staff, it takes away the sharing element which I would say is a feature of school librarianship around the world. In many cases, TLs have no option as the school opts not to have an externally accessible website which includes aspects of in school-created materials and this is a pity.

Riding a bike is a great experience and you can be out in the country away from traffic, noise and people for a while and just enjoy the challenge, the countryside’s visual diversity and the sun and wind on your face. Then you get a puncture. You fix it with your spare tube and get going. Then you get another puncture and you’ve used your spare tube. Time to walk home and be philosophical about it – it doesn’t happen often and you can enjoy the walk and it’s still a form of exercise.


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