School library websites and ‘best of the best’

This week, my students are looking at why teacher librarians might use their school library website for a variety of purposes. The ever pithy Joyce Valenza argues that “Your library Web page is your second front door” and this is a good way to think about the site. For some teacher librarians, creating a school library website seems to be a daunting task, with a steep learning curve. My view is that teacher librarians can be the designersof the site but not necessarily the creators as there are students in the school who would probably make a far better job of creating a website than the TL. So don’t have a cat and miaow yourself. There are some excellent examples of school library websites on the Valenza site above but also on the Western Australian DET site and for an international selection, go to the site.

A little self congratulation is in order today as I received a letter from the publishers of The Teacher Librarian saying that my article “The end of the teacher librarian” is to be included in a new book ‘Toward a 21st century school library media program’ which will feature the ‘best of the best’ articles from the journal. It’s nice to be recognised.


3 Responses to “School library websites and ‘best of the best’”

  1. Linda J Says:

    Hi James

    Your students could look at: to see how we use our library web pages – for links, promotion, assignment help and guidance.

    And we are always looking at other ways in which we might promote library and information services with this site!

  2. Judy O'Connell Says:

    Congrats on the article James – well deserved 🙂 Cheers, Judy

  3. Nerine Chalmers Says:

    Hi James

    Congratulations – I look forward to having the book in my hand! Your weblog is great too.

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