Exploratree thinking guides and Doon Hill

One of the email alerts I get once a month is from the UK’s Futurelab whose aim is ‘transforming the way people learn through innovative technology and practice’. In this month’s issue, there’s a look at Exploratree thinking guides which may be of interest to those of you who like to get your students to try something new. The thinking guides are very similar to mind maps and one example is Thinking Boxes which allows students (or anyone) to look at a topic from different perspectives e.g. ‘what it means to me’ or local or global. Definitely worth a look.

From the top of Doon Hill (pictured below) you look over Dunbar. It was the site of a famous battle in which Oliver Cromwell defeated the Scots (we don’t talk about that a lot) but a couple of weeks ago was part of the route for Dunbar Running Club’s annual 10 Mile Race (won this year by Ian Sills) – a steady climb on road and farm track for 8k, then a steep 500m to the summit – then 8k back down. I don’t run but was the non-running president of the club before coming to Australia – thus my interest. There are some great cycling routes around Doon Hill also.

 Looking up to Doon Hill

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  1. Stuart Says:

    Oi! I knew we should have put copyright on those pictures!

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