TLs and other libraries

By a strange congruence of events, I have just returned from taking a group of students on a study visit to various libraries in North Sydney and this week my TL students are looking at how the school community relates to the wider community. This includes how TLs and school libraries relate to and cooperate with other libraries and other librarians. As most of you will know, the library world tends to be fairly compartmentalised with university library staff or public library staff or health library staff or TLs all going along to their own conferences and talking mainly to each other. Of course there are exceptions but this is generally  the case. On the bees in my Scottish bonnet has always been that TLs are not very good at working with their local public library counterparts. As school children go to both libraries, it would seem to a Martian landing here obvious that there would be shared resources and may be even regular meetings. I don’t know a lot about Martian school libraries but you’d have to think they’d be more organised in relation to Martian public libraries. Web 2.0 might offer some opportunities e.g. a jointly designed wiki catering for students’ assignment related resources could be put together by a TL and a public library staff member. If this happens near you (and especially if you’re visiting from Mars) – let me know.


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