Listservs and always take the camera

One of the final things that some of my students are doing in one of the subjects I teach ‘The Information Environment’ is looking at some listservs for teacher librarians and these include OZTL_NET   which is run by the TL teaching team here at CSU, SLN the UK listserv for school librarians (subscribe via and  LM_NET the USA based listserv for school library media specialist. There are of course many more local listservs around the world. One of the key aspects of being a teacher librarian in any country is sharing your ideas with other TLs on a range of subjects. Posting a message to a listserv can help to overcome feelings of isolation which TLs may feel from time to time. So if you’re not on your nearest listserv – get on!

I was walking along the river here in Wagga Wagga on Sunday afternoon, swotting flies as I went but enjoying the late afternoon sunshine when, at Wagga Beach (yes, it’s 450k froom the sea but it’s called the beach) on a tree stump, was a baby owl – a ball of fluff, with 2 brown staring eyes and a sharp beak. I think it had fallen out of its nest. Did I have the camera? Always take the camera. The owl was being looked after by a woman from the caravan site as I left, so I hope it survived.


One Response to “Listservs and always take the camera”

  1. Dianne Says:

    James, I couldn’t agree more about overcoming isolation. When I started as a TL I was in a very isolated place in western NSW and joining Oztnet was like having a lifeline.
    Now, in an international school, I am also a member of LM Net and it can be a bit overwhelming. Last week I returned from a 10 day break to 54 emails-eeek!
    I wonder if anyone has done research on the optimum size of a listserv? Bigger ones like LMnet don’t seem to get the dominating personalities but messages and requests are easily overlooked because of infoglut.
    see you in WWW

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