Lesson plans and The Sopranos

One of the best sites I’ve come across for TLs around the world who are looking for lesson plans which their teachers might use is Blue Web’n which is a US based site but has a very good array of sites which include lesson plans but also student and teacher resources. The idea behind this site and other sites such as The Lessons Plan Page (brought to my attention by one of my students – thanks Kristine) is not that lesson plans will be copied but that ideas can be shared around the world. So the fact that some sites are based in the USA or UK for example, should not mean that TLs and teachers in Australia or Canada for example, will ignore these sites because of potential cultural bias. These sites existed before Web 2.0 came along, so sharing is not new to the TL and the education communities.

Ah – the end of The Sopranos – here in Australia at least. I haven’t watched the final episode as yet (recorded it) but this is probably the most thoughtful, thought-provoking, dramatic, funny and well crafted TV show I’ve ever watched. So objectors to the inclusion of violence and “language” should concentrate on the Shakespearean quality of the themes and remember that there was plenty of “language” in Chaucer’s poems  and plenty of violence in Shakespeare.


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