Collaboration and paddlers

In the recent edition of Scan noted in the previous post, there is a research article by Linda Gibson-Langford (to give Linda her Sunday name) which is a thought-provoking examination of the meaning of collaboration in schools. The title ‘Collaboration: force or forced’  is not only clever but highlights key issues relating to how TLs across the world (as this is truly a global issue). The first is that collaboration can be temporary – you work with a teacher for one term and then s/he decides that s/he can’t or won’t follow it up. The article poses some excellent questions such as ‘Did we understand the complexities of human relationships that underpin collaboration?’. If you can get a hold of this article – and there’s a follow up in the next issue of Scan – read it and pass it on.

On Saturday in Wagga Wagga, there was a hive of sporting activity. As I walked along to Road Runners, where I help as a timer, I passed a group of cyclists ready to head off and then saw the river full of canoeists (paddlers) as there was a canoe marathon on that day. As the river in Wagga is so low because of the drought, the paddlers were restricted in their route. I cought a couple of enthusiastic paddlers in the photo below.



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