Enquiring minds and flies

A new feed from the Futurelab people points me to their Enquiring Minds project and website. This is definitely worth a look as the project “takes students’ ideas, interests and experiences as its starting point, and provides them with more responsibility for the direction and content of their learning” – and just in case you think you’ve seen all this before, the site states that Enquiring Minds is not “a new name for thinking skills or learning to learn approaches”. Rather, it attempts to improve students’ learning by focusing on the students’ own interests and ideas. It focuses on students being inquisitive and looks at ways to improve students’ motivation to be inquisitive.

One thing that I will not miss when I head back to Scotland on December 1st is the flies. November in this part of Australia is a bad month for flies and as you walk along, you will see most people giving what’s called ‘The Australian wave (or salute)” i.e. they brush away the flies. For bike riders, when you are going quickly, flies are not a problem (unless you swallow one!) but when you are going up a big hill, and it’s  35 degrees, as I was on Sunday, then every fly that ever there was was gathered there that day because – well, maybe they thought I was on the way to being rotting flesh or …


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