Travelling and no posts until January 2008

Last week I travelled back to Scotland where I’ll be living until August 2008 although still working full time – teaching and doing research for Charles Sturt University. Travelling 10,000 miles is an odd experience of life suspension – well, normal life suspension – in which you spend about 36 hours reading, sleeping, being fed, reading, sleeping, watching films on the plane (and the quality and range of films has certainly improved), sleeping, being fed… So I am back to winter and bright sunny days and cycling on frosty roads in the morning and working in the afternoon and evening.

I am on holiday for the next few weeks, so the blog will go into temporary suspension – a bit like travelling across the world – until mid to late January 2008. So enjoy the mid summer or mid winter festivities wherever you are.


One Response to “Travelling and no posts until January 2008”

  1. Judy O\\\'Connell Says:

    Festive greetings to you and all your readers. I’m glad that we can now look forward to your posts from Scotland, where we aussies can get an insight to life in your home territory – I’m sure it will have just as much of a sense of adventure to us! Best wishes for another good year in librarianship in 2008.

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