Information literacy revision and Barcelona

I was listening to some students from Junee High School in New South Wales whom I interviewed in December 2007, talking about how we might get more students to use their information literacy skills in different subjects. My focus at present is whether students transfer IL skills across time and subjects. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about this – they don’t! – but it’s clear that this is not simply a case of ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ as some students clearly do transfer skills or at least some skills but others don’t. The interesting thing that these year 8 (2nd year secondary school) students said was that, while they often got revisions sessions e.g. in maths or science or history, they never had revision in the classroom about information literacy skills and this was especially true when they moved from year 7 to year 8. This of course is back to the assumptionsmade by teachers and TLs that students will transfer skills but these assumptions are often wrong. So trying to get teachers to build in revision sessions for IL skills when students do assignments is a challenge for TLs – we now have some research evidence!

Next week, my wife and I are going to Barcelona for a 5 day holiday. It’s a very historic and culturally dense city with famous architecture of which the most famous is the buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi. So a cultural week and maybe even a wee post on the blog at some point.

One Response to “Information literacy revision and Barcelona”

  1. Ian McLean Says:

    I’m enjoying your blog, James.

    Ashley Freeman put me onto it! I’ve added your URL to my blogroll.

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