Jux2.com and Barcelona

I was alerted this week to a search engine with which I was not familiar i.e. jux2.com, by an aesthetically minded TL who uses it with her high school students, as it lets them see that there are more search engines than Google, although Google is one of the search engines used. Now jux2.com was named best metasearch engine by the reputable SearchEngineWatch.com in 2005. Jux2.com searches Google, MSN and Yahoo and gives the best results overall plus what was found on each search engine. Having said that, today it was only finding MSN results. One good thing about jux2.com is that it clearly identifies sponsored links for students. So have a look and see what you think. Obviously, it’s similar to Dogpile which used to allow you to compare the results from search engines in columns but this is no longer available, which is a shame I thought this was an admirable feature.

Talking of admirable features, Barcelona has plenty. It has so much culture that it makes your head spin and you could easily spend 5 days there sitting in one of the lovely outdoor cafes, having a glass of rioja and just readingabout what you can visit and see. However, it is best to get up and go and walk round the city centre with its huge squares leading off to side streets which house a myriad of eating places. Culturally, Barcelona is best known for Picasso and Gaudi (as well as a host of other names and places). The Picasso Museum  is an amazing visit as you learn so much about his earlywork and the influences on his later work e.g. a metal mask from Benin. Gaudi’s architecture e.g. in the Sagrada Familia leaves you wide-eyed and some of the sculptures on La Pedrera are excellent examples of Gaudi’s vivid imagination. See what you think in the picture below.



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