Free WiFi and spring

In the technology section of the Sydney Morning Herald, there’s an article on a group of what the paper rather disparagingly calls “socially-networked geeks’ who are trying to set up free WiFi spots across Sydney following the failure of the state government’s free WiFi project to get off the ground. For teacher librarians and schol librarians across the globe, free WiFi access within and outside school would be a real bonus as at the moment, it tends to be the prerogative of schools with enough money and staff to set up WiFi access. Also, given that students will increasingly access the web via their mobile phones, free access to the web would enhance their use. Use for what? I hear you ask. The challenge for us educators is to harness some of our students’ web use to their school-oriented learning – and make them better at using the web. As I am based in the UK for most of 2008, it is almost Spring-like here. Normally, in Wagga Wagga, I’d be coming to the end of summer. The weather in Wagga has been fairly mild this summer with temperatures mostly under 30 degrees. Out cycling the other day, there were certainly signs of Spring as the snowdrops are out in full and some daffodils are starting to appear, as you can see in the picture below. Mind you, it was -4 here overnight and a hard frost at 8am this morning when I went to meet my cycling mates – so maybe Spring is a wee bit off yet.  



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