New semester and rain in Mackay

Yesterday saw the start of a new teaching semester and I’m teaching 2 subjects: Teacher Librarianship and Information Literacy. The first subject is an introductory one and many of 200+ students are new to CSU and to distance learning. The 2nd subject – Information Literacy – is for students who are NOT doing a teacher librarianship course. So an interesting mix and many intriguing and debatable topics. For example, next week, students doing the Teacher Librarianship subject will be looking at the history of school libraries in Australia. What was your school library like when you were at school? – the answer to that is likely to be determined by how old you are and possibly by what part of your particular country you lived in. Of course, the key physical changes in school libraries across the world relate to the now ubiquitous presence of desktop and laptop computers in the school library and – for the fortunate few – whiteboards. The biggest source of satisfaction for people like me who have been in the teacher librarianship world since the early 1970s, is that school libraries have improved – and some out of all recognition.

A cliche – It’s a small world – but on this cold, very frosty but brilliantly bright morning here in the south east of Scotland, I was reading The Guardian and there was a feature about devastating rain in Mackay, Queensland where they got more rain in an hour than they should get in a month. I then started work and in my email inbox, there’s a message from one of my students (thanks Karen) who is in Mackay and whose school has been flooded. So I hope the good folks in Mackay (I say MahKye and you say MickOi) are recovering from the rain and the floods and best wishes to all the teacher librarians there.


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