Google websites and Milton

From this week’s E-School News, there’s a report that Google is offering “a free service designed for high-tech neophytes looking for a simple way to share information with other people working in the same organization or attending the same class in school”. Well – high-tech neophytes indeed – who writes this stuff? You can have a look at what’s on offer from Google Sites and judge for yourself whether you think that what’s on offer here is any better than say, creating a wiki. You need to sign up to do this, so let me know if you do and what you think. One fact from the same E-School News report is that “$16.4 billion poured in from advertising” for Google which shows the power of online now.

An article in Saturday’s Guardian  newspaper, in the excellent Review section, was about the poet Milton. Just like the previous post about university libraries, this took me back to being a first year student and doing English as one of my courses – History was my major subject. We had this very posh professor who lectured to us – well, at us really. For example, he pronounced Hamlet as Hemlit – but, just in case you reading this in Australia, think Oxford, UK  rather than Wagga Wagga. He was very dry but also very knowledgeable and got a wee bit excited when talking about Milton. As the article states, Milton can be difficult but he wrote some wonderful lines, so check it out. If he was alive today, would Milton have set up a Google site for his verse?


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