Collaboration and poetry

The new edition of Scan drops through the door, having winged its way across from Sydney. In the research columns this month, there is the formidable combination of Ross Todd and Linda Gibson-Langford. The theme is collaboration and I referred to Linda’s previous article in an earlier posting. Ross makes reference to a document well worth reading. It’s by Kent Patterson and focuses on the elements of collaborative cultures. The paper highlights what you might expect in terms of collaboration e.g. cooperative planning but also discusses aspects such as trust, valuing the professionalism of colleagues and opportunities to improve. Linda Gibson-Langford’s article ends by stressing the need for teacher librarians to “continue to learn” and for TLs to “capture and share, refresh and use the community’s knowledge” – now there’s a challenge.

I’ve been reading modern poetry (and some older works) for many years now and do this mainly through membership of the Poetry Book Society which selects a book of poetry every 3 months and send it out to those who subscribe along with a newsletter which has poems from other recent publications. What you have to admire in poets, I think, is there precision and their imagination. For example, last night, I was browsing through my books and picked up The Lammas Hireling(Picador 2003) by Ian Duhig. This is from The Lark in the Clear Air.

“She skipped up frosty fields like bleaching sheets/ But heading back, she caused to catch her breath,/ And saw her footprints spread out everywhere/ Like ginger biscuits on a tablecloth”

This is not only precise but it makes you smile and admire the poet’s sense of wonder and vivid imagination.


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