Teachers, knowledge and the snake man

Returning to Linda Langford’s article mentioned in the previous posting (Collaboration: force or forced? Part 2 in Scanvol. 27, no. 1, Feb 2008, pp. 31-37), there are some interesting principles for collaboration listed. These include “Teachers adopt new ideas through trialling” and “Teachers use new ideas that are deemed effective”. Now sometimes research is seen as stating the bloody obvious but the key difference here (and with other research) is that the researcher is providing evidence and it’s not just anecdotal. So we should trust this kind of research because it does provide evidence and is not just someone’s opinion. Onya, Linda.

At the weekend, I was looking through some of my photos taken in Wagga Wagga over the past 4 years and I came across the picture below. It was taken on a hill on the outskirts of Wagga called Pomingalarna. There are often runners, cyclists, horse riders and walkers (and unfortunately on some parts boy-racers) on the tracks around the hill. Not long after I arrived in Wagga in 2004, I met the snake man releasing the snake below. I asked what it was and he told me it was the 2nd most dangerous snake in the world – the brown snake. And here he was releasing it a few metres from where the runners were about to pass that Wednesday evening! He assured me that the only people who get bitten by brown snakes are people who are trying to do harm to the snakes. I assured him that the only people who get bitten by teacher librarians are people who are trying to do harm to teacher librarians. He seemed impressed.

PS Only people who live, or have lived in Wagga Wagga are allowed to refer to the city as Wagga. Be warned.



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