New book for TLs and more poetry

In the post today, a new book sent to me by the prolific David Loertscher who has been a champion of school librarianship for many years and has written and published a number of books  in the area. The new book, entitled “In command!”,

pictured above (courtesy of David Loertscher), examines ways in which teacher librarians can use iGoogle  to allow students to create their own spaces but also allow the TL to communicate with the students and provide students with help and advice as well as access to online learning resources. It’s a great idea and can combine a range of Web 2.0 elements also. Check it out.

The Guardian  newspaper, the print version of which is in my front door letter box every morning (along with 2 pints of milk on the doorstep three times a week) is one of the great comforts in my life, keeping me informed, educated and entertained. I was quoting some poetry here last week and lo and behold, the Guardian this week is giving away 7 booklets containing poems by the “Great poets of the 20th Century”.  The very good news is that the booklets’ covers and contents are available online and are bound to be an excellent source for school students across the world who are doing English in the upper levels of secondary school. There are excellent introductions to each poet. Get reading.


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