Listservs and harbour at night

This week, some of my students are looking at a variety of listservs that are available to teacher librarians and school librarians around the world and these include OZTL_NET which is run by my colleagues and I at Charles Sturt University. In the UK, the SLN  is excellently moderated by Elizabeth Bentley and in north America LM_NET provides a discussion forum for those in school libraries. These are not the only listservs available but serve as examples of how TLs can keep in contact with each other, raise questions, start discussions and highlight current topics. Personally, I think that school library listservs often have too much on children’s literature but that a bee in my Scottish bonnet which I let loose from time to time.  Listservs are not only interesting and a source of personal development but are a key way of sharing professionally and lessening the isolation that can be felt in some schools.

One of the pleasures I have in the winter is walking about 1K along to the harbour in Dunbar at night when it’s dark but when some of the fishing boats are coming in about 7pm after a day’s fishing. Dunbar in the 19th century was a major fishing town in the herring fishing industry and the harbour used to be full of boats.. Now there are only a few boats which mainly catch prawns but it is still a labour intensive industry and, despite the fact that the boats all have satellite navigation etc, when the boats land, the fishermen still sort the prawns and fish out by hand. The picture below shows one of the boats and the seagulls in the water, waiting for scraps to be thrown overboard. It was ever thus.



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