Online resources and boats

I came across a potentially useful resources site which is new to me. It’s USA based but it looks as if it may have a range of resources which are useful to teacher librarians and school librarians outside north America as well. The site Nortel LearniT has lesson plans, video tutorials, resources and examples of best practice. I think that it’s worth checking out this site. It’s now linked to another free resources tool called Curriki which I looked at for the first time. An example from this site is their featured resources section and this included, for example, a unit on teaching Chinua Achebe’s novel Things fall apart. So check that one out as well and add it to your list of resource sites which may be useful for a TL or for teachers in a school.

On my walk to along the harbour side the other night, one of the boats to be seen was the Fiddlers Green, as seen in the picture below. Now this started me thinking. The Fiddler’s Green  that I have come across is a folk music festival in the bonny town of Rostrevor in Northern Island. However, on doing a search for Fiddlers Green, I find that Wikipedia describes it as “the happy land imagined by cavalry troopers and sailors, where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing and dancers who never tire”. Well, add in a bar with good Scottish and English real ales, then I’m your man. I’m sure there’s a school library equivalent of Fiddler’s Green but I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what it would be like.



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