Free Photoshop and running a marathon

From the ever reliable eSchool News, an article  reporting that Adobe have launched a free version of Adobe Photoshop, called Photoshop Express The article states that the package will be available online and that “Many kinds of software are available for use online in a trend known as “software as a service,” or “cloud computing.” The article also gives other examples of free photo-editing software such as Picnik. So this is another case of give it a go and see what you think. Obviously, if it’s free software and there exists a commercial version also, there are going to be limitations but for use in schools by staff and students, it may be a welcome addition to the tools available.

I have never been a runner but both my wife and older son have run marathons. Last Sunday, we went through to Dumfries – about 2 hrs drive from Dunbar – in the southwest of Scotland. Very picturesque drive as there was snow on the fields and hills most of the way through. My son was running with about 100 others and he finished 9th in a respectable 3.08 and this on a cold morning with a cold north wind for the last 10 miles (16.2K). Running a marathon takes a lot of training, a lot of stamina and importantly, a lot of mental strength, so you have to admire people who can do such runs. I was involved as a race organiser for Dunbar Running Club for 17 years – before going to Australia in 2004 and runners are a hardy breed – as are cyclists, of course. One of the views from the Dumfries race is attached below.



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    very nice.i like.thnks 🙂

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