Google labs and highland wedding

From time to time, I have a wee look at  Google Labs – just to find out if there’s anything interesting happening. This week, I came across Experimental Search, which allows a user to take what Google calls “Alternate views for search results” and these views include a timeline and a map. I searched under one of the suggested headings “civil rights movement” and in the timeline view, you get a list of dates which you can manipulate e.g. go back from 1935 or forward from 1939. You can click on each date to find out what happened at that time. So, if you click on Jan 1956, you get a new timeline taking you from January to June 1956, with a revised list of sites below. In the map view, you get a map of the USA with flags on various cities e.g. Birmingham, Alabama and these are listed as A, B, C etc. The flags can be clicked on and resulting links appear. So, for TLs working with history or geography teachers, this could be a very useful tool and it’s worth checking out.

At the weekend, my wife and I were at the wedding of our friends’ son. The wedding took place in the picturesque Pittodrie House which, as you will see from the first photo that comes on the website, is set in countryside just below a hill called Bennachie (pr. benn – ah – hee). There are several walks on Bennachie and great views from the top. The nearest village is called Chapel of Garioch (pr. Geerie) although it’s more a hamlet than a village. Lots of kilts at the wedding and energetic Scottish country dances such as the Eightsome Reel and Strip the Willow – much enjoyed by the guests some of whom came from Venezuela, Spain, USA and Canada.


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