Jux2.com and Fred Vargas

I’m taken to task this week by a teacher librarian (thanks Anne) in relation to my previous posting about the search engine jux2.com and I was directed to look at the note stating

Jux2 has been named Best Meta Search Engine by SearchEngineWatch!

This search engine is used by students in Anne’s school and encourages them to think outside the Google box as when you do a search in jux2.com, it produces results from Google, Yahoo and MSN. This enables students not only to get a wider range of results but to compare the results from the different search engines and actively thinkabout the results they are getting. These students have now become more discriminating searchers for information and evaluators of information. When I checked it last time, only Google results could be seen but it is now in full working order. Also, backing by SearchEngineWatch means that we should take very careful notice of it.

 At the moment, I’m reading a crime novel by the French novelist Fred Vargas and she is an excellent storyteller of intriguing tales. Her hero, the detective Adamsberg is a self-willed character, not always popular with the establishment and similar to Ian Rankin’s Rebus in that respect. This book Wash this blood clean from my hand  takes the reader on a trip from France to Canada and back again in pursuit of a serial killer. I’m not sure if it’s as good as her previous novel Seeking whom he may devour but if you like crime fiction of a high quality, then check out this author.


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