Pembina Trails, no iPlayer outside UK and creels

One of my students (thanks Rhona) has alerted me and the other students to an information literacy site which states “While your journey will have switchbacks, chances are you will take a path that has these steps: wondering about something, seeking information, choosing information, connecting useful information you have found, producing information of your own in a new form and judging the entire process and your product”. So it is similar in ways to some of the information literacy skills models used in schools. The site, developed by Pembina Trails School Division  has some good links and quotes and might be useful when working with students. See what you think. Pembina Trails sounds like good bike riding country.

I alerted you to the BBC’s iPlayer but a note sent to me from Western Australia (thanks Judi) tells that the iPlayer is only available in the UK but that the BBC are working on an international version, so let’s hope it arrives soon.

In my local harbour, a few wee boats go out with creels to catch crabs and lobsters. Bait is put inside the creel and the crab or lobster swims in to get the bait and cannot get out again. There’s also a restaurant in the town called The Creel which, of course, serves crab and lobster. The photo below is of a stack of creels at Dunbar harbour. So information literacy and creels? Getting students to take the bait we offer them.

Creels at Dunbar Harbour


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