Critical thinking and Thrappledouser

Some of my students are looking at what constitutes critical thinking this week- or should I say that some of my students, this week, are looking at what constitutes critical thinking, in that it’s not likely to change by next week. For those of you who work in schools, there’s a very good UK website related to the A-Level Critical Thinking and it covers a range of topical issues which are discussed in schools around the world e.g. today’s topic was “Are biofuels environmentally friendly”. Critical thinking is often related to Bloom’s Taxonomy and to De Bono’s 6 Hats. The ever reliable Teacher Tap has a very good guide for teachers and teacher librarians (and other sorts of librarians) on this topic. Encouraging ourselves, our teachers, our school management and our students to be critical thinkersis a key task for TLs. It’s very easy to read uncritically, so reminding ourselves of the need to be constantly critical is an everyday task.

At the weekend, I was at a wedding reception in nearby North Berwick which, like Dunbar is by the sea. One of the best drinking establishments in North Berwick is The Nether Abbey Hotel which regularly has a good selection of real ales. On Saturday evening, they had Inveralmond Brewery’s gloriously names Thrappledouser ale (pronounced Thrapple Dowser). Thrapple is Scots for throat and to douse is to wet or pour water on e.g. you can “douse the fire” or even “douse the lights”. Not to breach copyright, I contacted Inveralmond (which is near Perth i.e. the UK one) and got an email from Managing Director Fergus Clark giving permission for the the picture below. Having sampled this beer a few times – it was a wedding reception! – I can tell you that your critical thinking will be enhanced.



Thrappledouser Amber Ale



One Response to “Critical thinking and Thrappledouser”

  1. Lois Dellavedova Says:

    Hi James
    I was just amused by the “Teacher Tap” site and the follow-up story on the amble liquid Thrappledouser!! Was there a connection??

    Sorry – I didn’t finish but the latest fad with literacy has been a suggestion that some words are disappearing from use. The last study in Vic. quoted that words like mother, father are not being used frequently and the text messaging language was having an influence on teenagers’ literacy. I would be interested in what language/literacy models are being used in your Scottish township.
    I am from Torquay – Victoria and a semi-retired TL doing emergency teaching. I have seen the “Inspiration” program in use here but there is still the difficulty for students of how to use the information they find in a meaningful way. It seems dependent on the expertise of the teacher in the area of technology and information skills.
    Regards -Lois

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