Teach today and old bridge

Again in this week’s Education Guardian  , there’s a useful website for TLs and teachers who need fairly straightforward introductions to various aspects of ICT in schools. Teachtoday is a well constructed and unalarming site directed at teachers and TLs who perhaps are interested in Web 2.0 and other applications and issues but often find that sites are too technical, too complicated or too gung ho about how this site will change your life if only you’ll sit here for a few hours and work it all out. The site highlights some issues such cyberbullying and e-safety, as well as a few “60 second guides” to blogs and wikis. Very readable and worth recommending to the technologically faint hearted.

On ANZAC day, a couple of weeks ago, I went on a woodland walk with my wife, to a place nearby called The Brunt. It’s best known to me on my bike as being approached by a climb up a hill to get there from both sides and a climb up a hill to get back from whence you came. The walk is above a stream – it would be called a burn locally – and there are great swaves of bluebells at this time of year – but we were too early. A couple of shy deer were seen briefly before darting into the trees. We came across a bridge across the stream (see photo below) which was obviously used in the past, probably by farm workers, but is now disused, and you’re warned not to cross it. So looking at it and admiring its location and structure is enough.

Bridge at The Brunt


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