Standards for school libraries and football (UK version)

Some of my students are getting excited about … OK, they are examining as part of an assignment… the ASLA “Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians” which raises the question of what standards are for and how effective they might be. Standards are useful guides for teacher librarians (or what they are called where you live) and some would argue that they are excellent benchmarks against which a TL can judge her/himself. I think this is a possibility but we have to be careful of the extent to which standards might represent too much of a challenge for an individual TL who might (wrongly) assume that most other TLs are achieving the levels of excellence in the standards, while s/he lags behind. Taking a realistic view of standards, TLs can see possibilities and perhaps, if given the right support, training and motivation, achieve much of what is in the standards. For many TLs, I suspect that achieving even some of what is in the standards is worth aiming for.

For those of you not interested in sport and particularly sport which features 22 men (in this case) running around a pitch chasing a largish round ball (so it’s not hockey then) – look away now. Tonight is the final of the Champions League which is always a great occasion, although not always a great match. This football (called “soccer” in some parts of the world – a term frowned upon by James Herring) match features 2 UK (OK – English!) clubs and every year I hope it will be an exciting match – full of goals and incident. It’s usually a very tight game – intriguing but not exciting. Of course, tonight may be different. For the pedantic among us, of course the term “Champions League” should have an apostrophe after champions but don’t get me started on apostrophes.


One Response to “Standards for school libraries and football (UK version)”

  1. mannardi1 Says:

    I am lucky enough to be one of those ‘excited students’. I’ve been wondering whether even in ideal conditions it would ever be possible for a TL to achieve all of the standards simultaneously. In such a rapidly changing and developing field it seems TLs would be on a constant journey towards competency in some standards and away from it in others. Jen.

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