Visual literacy and roe deer

Having a look at the ever excellent Knowledge Quest  online journal, the current issue is on Visual Literacy  and there’s a very readable and interesting article by the prolific Debbie Abilock – famous for NoodleTools  – in which Debbie discusses “Reading a documentary photograph”. When looking at a photograph, Abilock poses these questions: 1. What do I see 2. What does it mean to me? 3. What in the photograph leads me to say this? 4. Why was this photograph created? 5. What does it mean? There is also a good discussion about teaching students how to interpret photographs and Abilock rightly points out that photographs are constructions – as she says, there is an eye behind the camera controlling what is being taken. As our students’ world is increasingly visual, this is a great place to starting thinking (and learning about information literacy).

When I’m living in Wagga Wagga in Australia, I often come across kangaroos when out cycling and you can’t help but smile as hop away from you or take prodigious jumps over fences. When I’m living here in East Lothian, I regularly see roe deer – very shy and often quite delicate animals – perhaps in a field or like this morning, coming out of one field and across the road in front of me and into the trees on the other side through a gap in the hedge. They are very like kangaroos as they bounce rather than run and can jump fairly high fences. Some nice photos taken in East Lothian are on Arthur Grosset’s site. Use your visual literacy to study them.


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