Visual literacy (2) and Black Sheep Bitter

Following on the visual literacy theme in the last post, another article well worth reading and which has many good links, is by Thibault and Walbert which is has a starting statement “Images are all around us, and the ability to interpret them meaningfully is a vital skill for students to learn”. The article is an excellent introduction to visual literacy. The authors rightly point out that teaching literacy, in the form of reading, requires comprehension and students need to build a vocabulary and to have a range of experiences of reading. So with visual literacy, if we are to expect our students to “read” the visual aspects of websites as well as books, then students need to be taught how to build the equivalent of a vocabulary for images and video. Critical thinking is also involved here and while we can all point to aspects of visual literacy in our schools e.g. in art departments, is there any general focus on visual literacy which provides students with skills to cope with websites?

One of the best real ales in the UK is Black Sheep Bitter and sampling it last weekend in Edinburgh’s Guildford Arms was a treat indeed. As you can see in the picture below , which is reproduced with permission (thanks Ashleigh), it is a very clear and attractive looking beer and it tastes as good as it looks. It was named after the son of a larger brewing family who went off to America but returned to be reconciled with his family and set up his own brewery – thus the Black Sheep. Your visual literacy unfortunately won’t help you get the taste – you’ll have to try it.

 Black Sheep Brewery Bar


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