Quality principles and green fields

From the ever reliable Becta, the UKgovernment’s ICT agency, there is a good guide to the principles to be used when selecting digital resources for schools. This Becta guide  contains some well known and recognised evaluation criteria but it also contains some wider principles for selecting digital resources. I’ll certainly be using it with my students next semester when they are asked to critically evaluate the criteria used for selecting digital resources and then to do some evaluation of websites. Ths doesn’t mean that it’s just an academic guide – it’s not – as it is a very practical guide and worth bookmarking and sharing around the school.

At the weekend I was out taking photos of members of Dunbar Running Club  – including my wife – who were doing a 5 mile (8K) race, starting  in the next town of Haddington and going out into the countryside. Photos are on my Flickr pages.  This is not to make those in the drier parts of the world – e.g. all my colleagues and friends in Wagga Wagga – jealous but to give an example of the lush greenery we get here at this time of the year. One of the photos is below.

Haddington 5 MIle Race




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