Exploratree and Traprain Law (2)

I’ve referred to FutureLab on a number of occasions and one of the best ideas, with practical applications, to emerge is Exploratree. FutureLab have just released the final version of this excellent source which provides TLs and teachers with a range of thinking guides which cover aspects such as developing ideas, solving problems, exploring, analysing and taking different perspectives. These guides may well cover a range of learning styles that your students have and provide students with a range of options. This is information literacy by another name but going through the site and picking out the elements you think might work with your students could prove a very worthwhile exercise.

I referred to Traprain Law in the previous post and was up there on Saturday taking photos of runners braving a coolish wind and some rain to complete the race which is about 10K i.e. 5K up and 5K down. What the early tribes of the 1st century AD would have made of people running up towards their fort on a Saturday afternoon in June is open to question. They might well have mistaken them for another local tribe or even the invading Romans. So no Votadini there on Saturday, just some hill runners and some nosiy sparrowhawks. Here’s the view the runners had from near the foot of the Law.

Traprain Law



One Response to “Exploratree and Traprain Law (2)”

  1. Cathy Hainstock Says:

    I’ve just to play with this tool and it will be immensely helpful! So many kids are sent to the library to find out about …. argh! It makes it so difficult when students have no ‘way’ in which to think about what they are meant to be doing. I find it difficult to help them and they can’t help themselves so fall back on cut-and-paste. These thinking guides give some shape to their researching and I will show Exploratree to the staff on Monday. Perhaps it will provide someinspiration for shapes for the projects being assigned next term too.

    Can I offer a tool back? One that I’m finding of great help when researching.
    When you hit the start button installed in the toolbar, iBreadcrumbs keeps track of every webpage you view (like a crumb trail) as you search online and then you can edit, save, share, add and collaborate with your trails. Only compatible with Firefox 1 and 2 at the moment but they’ve promised it will be compatible with Firefox 3 very soon.

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