Connections and football

I’ve been sent a hard copy of the SCiS journal Connections which you can access online at the link. The reason for this is that I have an article published in the journal. The article was originally published in The Teacher Librarian as “The end of the teacher librarian”. The SCiS people asked permission to reprint it and change the title to “Turn a threat into an opportunity”. I can’t say that this title did much for me compared with the original but if it gets more people to read the article, then I can live with it. The article deals with the “end” of the TL as being the “purpose” or “goal” as well the possible end i.e. demise of the TL.  In it, I argue that unless TLs exploit the full possibilities of the web, school intranets and insturctional websites, they could be marginalised in the school.  See what you think.

The UK football (what some of you call “soccer”) season is over but thankfully, for us connoisseurs of the “beautiful game”, the European championships – Euro 08 – are on at the moment and it has now reached the quarter final stage i.e. each game is a knock out result with one team going through. Last night, I was hoping Portugal might beat Germany but they didn’t – poor defence. If I was a betting man – which I’m not – I would put my money on Holland who play tomorrow. Hup Holland! Oops, it’s 7.45pm and Croatia are about to play Turkey. Time for a beer and some (I hope) exciting football.


One Response to “Connections and football”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hi James, I read your article in connections with interest – in my new job, there is a much bigger focus on using technology, and lots of opportunities to develop services and eresources and any number of things… but I also need to do a lot of promotion and marketing just to get colleagues to actually see what we are and can do. Fight the good fight!

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