Scan and sticky toffee pudding

The recent copy of Scan makes it way to me from Wagga Wagga. As ever some very good articles in this quality journal. The first article is about blogging in a primary school and if you don’t have access to Scan itself, there are links to the students’ blogs at Belmore South Public School and also to the Assistant Principal’s blog. There are some excellent ideas in this articlewhich focuses on learning and how Web 2.0 tools can be used as just that – tools. This is no “isn’t technology fab” article but focuses on what can be done and you have the feeling that this school has created a culture where technology is seen as ordinary and integral and learning is encouraged. As with most articles like this, it would be good to have an insight of the problems faced as well as the obvious successes but it is certainly worth reading.

At the weekend, we ventured into England to visit my son Jonathan and his wife Rebecca in the historic town of Carlisle which is an attractive place withthe river Eden flowing through as well an impressive castle and cathedral, both of which are magnificient buildings. It was always amazes me to think that the cathedral, first built in the 12th century, must have been an awsome sight for those working on the land nearby. Cathedrals such as this were probably at least a hundred times bigger than anything the local people would have seen. As with castles, of course, cathedrals were built to impress and to show who had the power in that neck of the woods. On Saturday evening, we went to the Queen Inn in the attractive village of Great Corby. Very nice meal in a dining room with real tablecloths and the highlight for my son and I was the Sticky Toffee Pudding desert. This version was light, not too chocolateyand was served with a syrupy custard which wasn’t too sweet. You have to be careful where you order this sweet as some can be heavy and tasteless, but this was a pudding person’s dream. Did I mention the Black Sheep Ale served in the bar?


One Response to “Scan and sticky toffee pudding”

  1. Jennifer Frisardi Says:

    Hi James, Thanks for the link to Belmore South Public School’s web blogs, etc. There are some great things on there, my yr 5/6 had a great time playing with vokis the other day. Getting heaps of good ideas from their sites. Cheers, Jen.

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