iBreadcrumbs and murder (nearly)

I’m alerted in a comment on a previous post (thanks Cathy) to iBreadcrumbs – a site which has the rather grandiose title of “The first way to save and share online research” – doubtful I would think. Despite that, don’t be put off as this tool has some potential for TLs across the world. There’s a short video – in PowerPoint style – showing you what iBreadcrumbs can do e.g. enable you to have “a unique twist on bookmarking” in that it will save all your web trails and allow you to share them with others. It can also be a tool for students – upper primary and secondary mainly – who can share websites they use for group projects. An example of a good potential use of this tool is that it records what you access online and if you forget to bookmark something – and don’t we all think back sometimes and wish we had bookmarked that “eh, what was it?” site? So possibly, a good tool for TLs to use and to encourage others to use. If you are already on the iBreadcrumbs trail, post a comment.

A bike is not usually thought of as a potential tool for mass murder but when you are cycling along a country road and a family of partridges – mother (I think) and 4 very small balls of fluff on two legs- appears out of a hedge and walks (the mother) and stumbles (the first three) and staggers (the last one) across the road, suddenly a bike is to the birdies what Gulliver was to the Lilliputians  You’ll be be glad to know that I managed to brake hard and avoid taking out one or more of this family, who disappeared into the hedge opposite and then into a lush green field of barley which was swaying in the wind.  


2 Responses to “iBreadcrumbs and murder (nearly)”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Love the sound of iBreadcrumbs and I looked at a few interesting strings of sites, however to run it you must be using Firefox, not Internet Explorer.

  2. Gina Geoghegan Says:

    I had been made aware of iBreadcrumbs a few weeks ago. I am still trying to work out how I can transfer sites I have from My Favourites folder or del.icio.us. However I will say that you can use it on a PC by using an online version of Firefox. This can be found at http://www.portableapps.com. Thanks for your insights on your blog.

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