iTunes U and summer nights

From the reliable and occasionally very interesting eSchool News, an article  on iTunes U which has a new section containing “a wealth of free online content for K-12 educators”. Most of the iTunes U content was previously geared towards higher education but this new service is more related to schools. It is north American in origin and content but, with topics ranging across the curriculum, it could well be useful to schools in other countries. There is a video on the iTunes U site which is obviously a marketing tool but did give some interesting examples of material which could be easily used in schools by teachers, TLs and students. You do need to download iTunes if you haven’t got it but this is easily done on your PC or Mac. Looks a promising resource and I’ll post more when I check it out further.

Well, it’s past the longest day in Scotland and as we say here “Aye, the nights are drawin’ in”. In fact, it was dark here at 11pm last night – how awful is that? We’ve had some lovely evenings with the light lasting beyond 11pm and one of the pleasures of living here is sitting outside at that time of night and watching the sea and the sky. My sister Elizabeth and brother in law Jim were here recently from Tauranga in New Zealand and took the photo below from the back of our house. My sister recently retired as the librarian of the public library in the very picturesque Mount Maunganui. So 2 librarians in the family.


Dunbar sea and sky at 11pm in June 


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