Evaluating sources and Le Tour

After a huge session marking, I got back to writing up some of my research this week and yesterday I was analysing student diary comments about evaluating resources. What was interesting was that it was clear that a sizable minority of year 7 (1st year secondary school) students had difficulty understanding the concept of evaluating sources which they use for assignments. While most students could cite a range of criteria such as relevance to the assignment, readability, authority (e.g. as established by other students or the teacher or teacher librarian), some students clearly had difficulty in understanding the concept of evaluation. In short, these students accepted what they found especially when searching the web and not only did they not discriminate between sources, they appeared not even to think about discriminating. All the students in the study had been told about evaluating sources but this was not necessarily reinforced – which may well be the problem.

Le Tour de France started on Saturday, so it’s time to sit back and goggle at the sheer strength, energy and commitment of the riders; the bikes they are riding – which cost a fortune; and the French countryside which is historic but also lush with abundant crops at this time of the year. Le Tour is three weeks of excitement, intrigue, drama, victory, loss and visual excellence – and you don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy it. On my list of things to do in the next few year is to go to France when Le Tour is on and take in the atmosphere deep in the French countryside, not to mention the wine, the cheese, the baguettes and of course, Les Francais and Les Francaises themselves.


One Response to “Evaluating sources and Le Tour”

  1. Lyn Hay Says:

    James, why no mention of the British Open Golf tournament that is happening closer to your backdoor than Le Tour? Please explain 🙂

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