IASL conference and Berkeley

The blog this week is from Berkeley in California where I’m at the IASL conference. This really is an international conference with people from every continent and a huge number of countries. The keynote paper this morning was by Stephen Krashen who has done a huge amount of work over many years in relation to the value of reading. In an entertaining talk, he cited many examples of how getting kids to read greatly improved not only their test scores at school but also other aspects of their lives. He believes in sharing his academic work and many of his articles are on his website. Some of the statistical stuff is a bit heavy going but he’s a great believer in school libraries, so he’s to be applauded for that. I’m the keynote speaker tomorrow (Tuesday) so I’ll have to go some to match the quality of his presentation. Having organised conferences in the past, I always feel for the organisers but Blanche Woolls  and her team, including Kristin Fontichiaro have done a great job in putting together a varied and high quality programme.

Berkeley itself is very much a university town, with the University of California  campuses making up a significant part. It’s a very affluent looking place with many examples of what I might think as traditonal south western USA houses, some with wooden fronts. It’s also a very cultural place e.g. opposite my hotel is the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. You also notice a few remnants of the hippy generation around – it’s not quite Byron Bay but some of the people here wouldn’t look out of place there. Berkeley is about 18K from San Francisco, of which more later.


One Response to “IASL conference and Berkeley”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Thanks for your keynote! I’ve heard good reviews about it from several participants. Kristin

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