IASL conference and video streaming

The IASL conference continues apace. One of the hardest things to do at a conference like this is to decide which parallel sessions to go to. For example, yesterday, you could go to a workshop on the new AASL Standards with an international panel or papers from 3 Australian speakers, a Taiwanese speaker and a US speaker. I did my keynote address in the morning on Reading Websites and I asked the audience to be IASL delegates for part of the talk and a year 7 class for other parts of the talk. I gave examples of text, images and video and asked them to discuss with the year 7 student next to them what they remembered about what I’d shown them. It seemed to go very well from the feedback I got.

One of the features of the conference this year is the presence of the enthusiastic and engaging David diGregorio  who has been videoing some of the sessions with the purpose of videostreaming them via his own school library. David videoed my keynote yesterday and this will be available later but I also did an interview with him – which he had on his website within an hour. You can see the interview in the IASL section of David’s site.  


2 Responses to “IASL conference and video streaming”

  1. Jennifer Frisardi Says:

    Good interview James – when are all of our lecturers going to start vodcasting some information for us. It would make it all feel so much more real . . . Thanks for trying to break some ground in this area.

  2. Matthew Broderick Says:

    Good article, thanx for sharing

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