IASL conference and UC campus

The IASL conference  is now over. It was a very successful conference which took place on the attractive Clark-Kerr campus. The conference fosters international cooperation and while some of the agreements made at the conference are not followed up, some are and this can lead to exciting projects for teacher librarians and those who educate TLs. One very innovative presentation was by Marlene Asselin  and Ray Doiron who talked about a new issue of School Libraries Worldwide. The authors have put together an eclectic but very interesting range of papers on Web 2.0 bu there are also other features in this issue which has been created in the normal publication format (open only to subscribers) but also in this blog format which is open to all. These features include interviews with students about their use of ICT. This is a must read for TLs around the world and Marlene and Ray are to be congratulated on this quality piece of work.

One of hte features of the town of Berkeley is the huge campus of the University of California which has a mix of old and new buildings, wide parks and huge trees. One of the outstanding features of the campus is the campanile which was build in 1914 and can be seen from most parts of the campus. It’s a very relaxing walk through the campus which also has impressive botanical gardens.


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