Study visit and Olympics

This week, I’m leading a study visit to Sydney CBD with my colleague Bob Pymm and we’re taking our students – a mixture of Masters TL students, Masters Library and Info management and BA LIM students – to a range of different libraries including the very impressive State Library of NSW where we had very interesting talks by Barry Nunn and his team as well as a tour of the library. This included seeing the magnificent reading room as well as some of the miles of stacks below ground where most of the book collection is kept. We also saw the library’s new online services programme, including the Discover Collections  which have been sponsored and contain videos and other material.

The Olympics of course, roll on and on. A personal disappointment was when Brad Kahlefeldt did not do well in teh triathlon. Bead won the gold medal in Melbourne 2 years ago and is from Wagga Wagga and I know his parents who are both very good runners. However, he is still an Olympian! On the down side, I do feel that the Australian media are starting to sound like the English (i.e. not British) media in bemoaning the fact that they don’t always win. Lighten up, folks.


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