Teacher librarian world view and back on the bike

In the latest edition of Knowledge Quest, there’s a very interesting lead article by the guest editors Ann Dutton Ewbank and Judi Moreillon, entitled Is there a teacher-librarian world view? This we believe.. The article asks whether there might be a shared philosophy amongst teacher librarians across the world. The authors think that there is and that this shared view includes providing “access to ideasand information” (my italics) for the school community. There is also the proposition that the TL’s role is a political one in the school – interesting  for me as back in the 1980s, I once gave a paper entitled “The politics of school librarianship“. Another phrase used is “that discovery and inquiry are valued” and this would certainly be on my list of aspects of the worldwide philosophy of teacher librarianship. So read it and think about it.

For the first time in 3 weeks, I am back on my bike and cycling around Pomingalarna which formed part of the recent very successful Wagga Wagga Trail Marathon. This was my first cycle in Australia since last November and I was only on the bike about 5 minutes when an adult and a young kangaroo hopped past me just over the fence. There’s also a wide range of bird sounds as you go around the hills there and you get flashes of multicoloured lorikeets as they fly at speed past you. There was also a lovely sunset over the hill and after my cycle and my friends’ run, we were having a beer under the stars – which seem very close as you’re outside the town – and a shooting star shot across the sky for about 5 seconds. Great place to be.


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