Teacher librarian world view (2) and fish pie

In my last post, I referred to the articleby Ann Dutton Ewbank and Judi Moreillon, entitled Is there a teacher-librarian world view? This we believe..  I’ve been thinking more about this and, if I was writing that article, I would cite information literacy as the first element in the discussion. The logic for this is that, unless students have the requisite IL skills to access and make sense of the information resources in the library and accessible by the library, having access may not, in itself, be all that valuable. The other aspect of the article that is interesting from a world  point of view, is that it focuses on democracies. As we know, not all countries in the world are democracies but it surely does not follow that, because a school library exists in a non-democratic country, the role of the TL is somehow diminished. So we do have to be careful of taking a Western style democratic view of issues like the role of the TL and the information literate person – who again might not be a democrat (note the small “d”).

Having friends round for a meal the other night, I discovered that the term “fish pie” means something different in Australia than it does in the UK (and possibly other cold (?) countries. They expected a pie to have pastry on it. The recipe I use (adapted from a few I’ve found) has a base of sweated leeks (chopped small) and broccoli (steamed and chopped), then a layer of fish and prawns poached in milk – the milk has butter in it and is used as the liquid to make a parsley sauce i.e. milk and butter liquid from fish and prawns combined with fresh finely chopped parsley and thickened with cornflour. You leave this layer to cool. Meanwhile, boil some potatoes and sweet potato and mash these together with some butter (or alternative). Add a layer of potato on top of the existing 2 layers, line with a fork so it resembles a ploughed field and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes at 190 degrees centigrade or until it is bubbling. The fish I used here in Wagga Wagga was barramundi. In the UK, I’d use a mixture of haddock and smoked haddock. If you are a ‘pastry pie’ person, try this alternative. I used a square dish and one of my guests asked why I didn’t use a round dish. The answer, of course, is that, in Scotland, all Pi R Squared.


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