School visit and SLV

Today I was visiting Whitefriars College  in Melbourne and, in particular, Rhonda Powling  the teacher librarian. Rhonda and her team have taken Web 2.0 tools and used them in wide range of curricular contexts e.g. students using photos from Flickr to incorporate in assignments or students creating video presentations when reviewing books (fiction and non-fiction) and incorporating aspects of the English and Art curricula. As Rhonda says, we need to move on in our use of Web 2.0 tools and think more widely e.g. students can use mobile phones to photograph an object or a whiteboard slide to study later. But if the school doesn’t let students bring their phones in…. Rhonda’s blog  has lots of examples – check it out.

I’m writing this in the  State Library of Victoria – which has wireless access for members but also visitors – a great service. It’s also a magnificent building and you’d need a week to get round all of it – art exhibitions, early Melbourne manuscripts, sport and war – you can come in here and do no real work at all if you feel so inclined


3 Responses to “School visit and SLV”

  1. Andrew Hiskens Says:


    You should say ‘hi’ next time you’re here…


  2. Andrew Hiskens Says:

    …at the State Library of Vic, I mean…

  3. David Says:

    I would love to use Flickr creative commons images in my students assignments, but Flickr is blocked in ALL South Australian government schools because it is a web hosting site and anyone can put anything up there. Of note is the fact that Flickr is not blocked in the Education departments head office.

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