Visual search engines and Lake to Lagoon

Visual search engines such as Kartoo  have been around for a while now. Other visual search engines such as SearchMe are being tried out by teacher librarians. There’s a good comparative article  on the excellent Listio website, which looks at 4 different visual search engines. There are number of interesting features in SearchMe, including the ability to stack i.e. you can drag the thumbnails of your selected sites into a stack (which you create) and then you can save them, like your favourites, or email them to someone else. In a world where Google is always the first port of call – and I’m as guilty as everyone else – allowing our students to see search engines such as SearchMe gives them an oportunity to think more about how they search and how they can use what they find.

On Sunday I was involved in the organisation of the Wagga Wagga Lake to Lagoon event – a 9.5K run, wlak or cycle. This is a free event which attracted over 2000 entrants. Now Wagga Wagga has a population of about 60,000 people and this means that, apart from a few people who visit from outside Wagga Wagga, 3.3% of the population took part. There is a run in Sydney called City to Surf which attracts 65,000+ people. We (the Lake to Lagoon committee) reckon that, given Sydney’s population and Wagga Wagga’s, that City to Surf  would attract 130,000 runners and walkers if it matched Wagga Wagga proportions. So, onya rural Australia. Picture below of the winner’s trophy and L2L stalwart Paul Gooden.

Lake to Lagoon Cup

Lake to Lagoon Cup


One Response to “Visual search engines and Lake to Lagoon”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Here’s another visual search engine you might want to add to the list (still in beta)

    I’ve only started using it but I like it so far, I like the preview pictures, saves so much time not having to look then hit the back button because it wasn’t what you wanted. I’m going to try it out with the kids next term, I’m hoping it will cut down on trawling time.

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