Google’s Chrome and Kakadu

On the radio this morning here in Australia, there was an interview about Google’s new web browser which is called Chrome. I’m sure I’m not the only one  who’s thinking “Why do we need a new web browser when we have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari?”. The other question to ask is “Is this another example of Google trying to manage everything we do electronically?” Well, the answer could be “we don’t” to the 1st and “yes” to the 2nd but the web is constantly changing, so we need to evaluate potentially useful tools and Chrome may be one of them – it’s hard to say as yet. It looks fast, is simple to use and is an open source product, so Google are being, on the face of it, generous.

Recently, my wife went with some friends to Kakadu National Park and they went on an amazing boat trip on the Yellow River where they saw a great range of birds and some fierce looking crocodiles. There are many photos on our friend and excellent photographer Pauline Moore’s Flickr site but Pauline kindly sent me the one below, which is not on Flickr. The colours are outstanding.

Kakadu bird

Kakadu bird


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