Web 2.0 site and autumnal Scotland

I wouldn’t say that my students are overwhelmed by the vast number of Web 2.0 sites out there but they are finding that there is often a bewildering array of advice and links for teacher librarians. One good site is WebTools4U2Use – OK, the title may be regarded as a bit naff by some but there is much good material here. It’s in the form of a wiki, so is in the spirit of Web 2.0. Useful sections include Purpose, Format, Keeping Up and Finding More. Some of this will be very familiar to Web 2.0 aficionados but for may teacher librarians across this world, this could be a good place to start.

Now that I am back in Scotland, I have come Spring in Australia – where it’s warming up nicely – to Autumn in Scotland – where it’s cooling down nicely (I suppose). When I left, there were flowing fields of barley and wheat in East Lothian which is often referred to as ‘the garden of Scotland’ but on my return, the harvest is over and while some fields still are gloriously littered with hay bales, many unaesthetic farmers have already removed the bales, ploughed the fields and sown winter wheat. On the bike yesterday, I passed a tattie (potato) field in which 4 roe deer were happily munching. For views and articles on my home county in Autumn, East Lothian Life is an excellent journal and the cover below is included with permission of the editor – thanks Pauline.


2 Responses to “Web 2.0 site and autumnal Scotland”

  1. Mike Says:

    I know that web 2.0 can change our life, if before i worked on my website just 3-4 times a week now i must admit that this have changed. Every time someone post something, ask something or just need some conversation and you just can’t go to sleep until you don’t talk to all.

  2. Shahd Says:

    I am personally acknowledge Web.2 as a significant tools to communicate and contribute to knowledgeable ( hopefully ) people around people , but , which is concerned and worried me is the idea that many people around the world still suffering from the lack of ICT tools and literacies and I think we should find another way to enable them contribute to and share with others

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