Scan and history society

I’ve just got round to reading the latest edition of Scan – the journal produced by the DET in Australia’s New South Wales. It’s the normal good quality eclectic mix of articles and guidelines. Now, I know that Scan is not available to many people as you need to subscribe but there are some online articles available on the website and if your school has access to online databases, you may be able to access it. There is a good article about using interactive white boards in a primary school and an interesting research study on collaboration by Patricia Montiel-Overall which links collaboration with enhanced student learning.

Last night, I went along to the local history society, knowing only that it was the 2nd Tuesday of the month and that it started at 7.30pm. I walked in to the Dunbar Public Library  where the meeting was and the title of the talk was “The silver darlings: the herring fishing industry”. So a Herring learning about herring. The talk went back in history and showed many photographs and paintings from the 17th century onwards. At times, you could walk across the Victoria Harbour  because of the number of boats there. So, a nice break from writing up research on information literacy and transfer in schools – of which more later.


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